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All dishes are served with additive(rice, groats, chips, pita bread, tortilla)

Chicken Curry
24 pln
Chicken in curry sauce
Chicken Vindaloo
27 pln
Grilled chicken in tomato-nuts sauce
Butter chicken
29 pln
Grilled chicken in tomato-nuts sauce
Mango chicken
33 pln
Grilled chicken in mango
Chicken Tikka Masala
29 pln
Grilled chicken chunks in spicy tomato sauce
Chicken Bhuna
27 pln
Chicken chunks fried in Indian spices
Chicken Biryani (weekends only)
30 pln
Original Dum Biryani. Chicken meat braised in rice and yogurt
Chicken Chaomin
30 pln
Chicken with noodles in tomato sauce with nuts, sesame, paprika and coriander
25 pln
Roasted minced beef with aubergine, zucchini and cheese
Mutton Curry
34 pln
Mutton in curry sauce
Mutton Vindaloo
37 pln
Mutton served with potatoes in spicy sauce
Mutton Biryani (weekends only)
35 pln
Original Mutton Biryani. Meat braised in rice and yogurt
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